Results Of International Tournaments

World Kudo Championship

Top Kudo competition event, which is held once every 4 years in the land of origin of Kudo, Japan. Physical index indicates the sum of weight and height. There are 6 weight divisions according physical index value starting with -230 and going up to 270+ (together with female class there are totally 7 weight divisions).

Results for World Kudo Championship
Results for World Kudo Junior Championships

World Kudo Cup

The tournament between representatives of different countries who went through domestic selection. This event is held in 2 years after World Tournament hosted by one of the affiliated continental Kudo federations. The purpose of this event is to maintain the motivation of competitors at international level and support local development by attracting more participants from neighboring countries.

Results for World Kudo Cup

Continental Championships

Results for Continental Championships

[World Games 2013 Cali]Kudo Exhibition Matches

Results for [World Games 2023 Cali] Kudo Exhibition Matches