Ranks (Dan/Kyu) In Kudo

Promotion for Dan and Kyu for members of Kudo Federation is conducted by means of skills examination. The governing body for exam organization and level recognition is Daidojuku.

Certificate for passing the Dan of Kudo
Certificate for passing the Dan of Kudo

Belt Colors

As a rule, new student has no Kyu when starting (white belt). When a student comply with requirements concerning number of attendant days and physical power normative he/she is granted the right to take belt promotion exam where his/her skills level will be estimated and respected belt awarded. 1st Kyu takes exam for Shodan and black belt is awarded upon results. Upon Nidan and above golden stripes are added to the black belt.



Belt Promotion Test

The following materials will be provided to KIF member countries as materials for Dan/Kyu Belt Promotion Test:

  • KIF Rank Certification Rules
  • Belt Promotion Test Procedure
  • Promotion Test Menu by JOHO
  • Scoring Sheet of DAN Promotion Test