Prohibition Of The Use Of Contents

All pictures, images, illustration, sentences and any other contents (the “Contents”) provided in the website of Kudo International Federation is protected by laws such as Copyright Act and treaties, and any right there of belongs to the owner or manager of the Website or posted on approval of the owner of the copyright, trademark right, portrait right or other right on such Contents.

User of the Website shall not use the Contents in any way including but not limited to by publication, broadcasting or disclosing online. In case use of the Contents which is not explicitly permitted by relevant laws and regulations and treaties may be breach of the Copyright Act, Trademark Act or Unfair Competition Prevention Act.

Also, user of the Website is prohibited to use portrait and name of Takashi Azuma without prior approval of owner or manager of the Website and owner of right thereof, including but not limited to use in the social media or publication, or hosting competition or event using such names.

Use of portrait or name of Takashi Azuma without approval maybe infringement of portrait right or other personal right. Especially, using portrait or name of the notable personal may constitute infringement of publicity right.

If you would like to use or post Contents, or portrait or name of Takashi Azuma, please make sure to contract KIF Headquarters in advance.

To contact KIF Headquarters, please use inquiry form provided below.