Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE)

“TUE”, Or Therapeutic Use Exemption

In cases an athlete needs to take specific medication or undergo medical procedure falling under the WADA Prohibited List, they may exceptionally be able to do so, by seeking in advance an exemption through the appropriate procedure.

(Please refer to the World Anti-Doping Agency’s website ( for information on conditions and further notes.)

Without approved TUE, use of medication or medical procedure falling under the WADA prohibited list, even for medical reason, is however prohibited and may be considered a breach of Anti-Doping Policies. It is therefore important to take into careful consideration and follow the below application procedure.

As a rule of thumb, please remember to apply for approval at least 30 days ahead of a tournament where you need a TUE.

Medication/Procedures That Can Be Subject To TUE

  • The athlete would experience significant health problems if not taking the otherwise prohibited substance or method;
  • There is no reasonable therapeutic alternative to the use of the otherwise prohibited substance or method;
  • The therapeutic use of the substance would not produce significant enhancement of performance beyond the regaining of normal health;
  • The requirement to use that substance or method is not due to the prior use of the substance or method without a TUE which was prohibited at the time of use.

Application Method

Athletes participating in international competitions subject to the Kudo International Federation (“KIF”) anti-doping regulations must submit their TUE applications to KIF. The first requirement for TUE application is the preparation of the TUE application formwith the athlete’s physician.

After downloading the TUE application form, the athletes must fill out the information about them by themselves, then have their doctor write the diagnosis details and accompanying medical information. Case examination will be done by the TUE Committee based on that documentand other relevant information, and the result will then notified to the athlete.

In the event an athlete uses prohibited substances or prohibited methods of treatment in an emergency or for the treatment of an acute medical condition, application for TUE should be submitted as soon as practicable, even after the incident. This is called “retrospective TUE application”, and in addition to the ordinary application conditions described above, a medical document/certificate proving emergencywill be required.

Application Form

Download TUE Application Form

Inquiries and submissions should be addressed to:


Kudo International Federation
Anti-Doping Committee

Eastern Building
2-10-11, Takada,
Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0033

Phone: +81-3-5953-1860
Fax: +81-3-5953-1861

WADA International Standard For Therapeutic Exemptions

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