The KUDO Europe Branch Chief Meeting was held


The items discussed were as follows.
Respective details will only be provided to European member states.

Minutes of the KUDO Europe Branch Chief Meeting (condensed edition)

Date: October 28, 2023, 17:00 to 18:30
Venue: Conference room, Victoria hotel Kaunas, Lithuania
Countries in attendance:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Georgia, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Spain, UK,
Ukraine, (Kyrgyzstan)
Chairperson: Hideaki Takahashi, Chairman of the Kudo European Committee

1. European Kudo Junior Championships on February 4, 2024

2. Events for 2024
It was decided or discussed as the following items.

(1) European Kudo Championships in 2024
(2) Eurasian Kudo Cup in 2024
(3) European Seminar in 2024
(4) European Kudo Junior Open Championships
(5) The other international tournament

3. The 3rd World Kudo Cup
4. European Kudo Championships in October 29