Kaliningrad Friendship Cup Report


On September 30, 2023 the city of Kaliningrad, Russia, hosted the “Friendship Cup” for the Kaliningrad Governor’s Award in “Yantarny” Gymnasium.

Fifty three of the best athletes from Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, and Azerbaijan demonstrated their highest skills in fierce competition and delighted fans and their coaches with exciting and professional fights.

Russian Kudo Federation would like to express its gratitude to the Kudo International Federation for approving this tournament and to thank all athletes and representatives from overseas who participated in this event. Our international friends had courage to support us and come to the tournament in these difficult times demonstrating that Russian sportsmen and sportswomen are not isolated from the international Kudo.



The winners of the tournament:


Open division (Females)

  1. Boyarkina Tatyana (Novosibirsk region)
  2. Stepayan Krisitina (Moscow)
  3. Moshkina Anastasiya (Yaroslavl region)


-230 Males

1. Novikov Dmitri (Primorski territory)

2. Hohlov Kamildjon (Moscow region)

3. Kazakov Kantemir (Moscow)


-240 Males

1. Malikovski Pavel (Yaroslavl region)

2. Tokari Daniil (Kostroma region)

3. Djambekov Beslan (Stavropol territory)


-250 Males

1. Makogonov Daniil (Moscow)

2. Suleimanov Iles (Yaroslavl region)

3. Ermakov Iliya (Yaroslavl regions)


-260 Males

1. Shpedt Ivan (Ulyanovsk region)

2. Sandalov Djamoldin (Yaroslavl region)

3. Shibaev Roman (Yaroslavl region)


-270 Males

1. Hrisanov Sergrei (Moscow)

2. Djafarov Ruslan (Primorski territory)

3. Holodov Alexander (Stavropol region)


270+ Males

  1. Medjidov Ruslan (Nizhni Novgorod region)
  2. Krasovski Alexander (Primorski territory)
  3. Minakov Sergei (Moscow)


MVP prize Makagonov Daniil (Moscow)

Special prize Urmatbek Rinat (Kyrgyzstan)