The 2nd message from KIF


To all member nations of KIF

To all KIF members


The 2nd message from KIF


As you all are aware, Daido-juku and Kudo initially originated in Japan. In 1994 Russia has joined and in 2000 Ukraine did. Russia currently is the country with the largest number of members in the world. Ukraine now is the country with the 3rd largest number of members in the world after Japan. This growth became possible due to the significant contributions made by Branch-chief Anashkin and Branch-chief Samokhin.

Very unfortunately, Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, and the conflict between two countries still continues now. In addition, it came to our attention that there is a confrontation between the members of Ukraine Kudo Federation due to the different positions, which is the priority concern for KIF.


In such a situation, On June 18, KIF released the following statement:

Recently there were posts on some SNS released by the certain group claimedto be Ukrainian Kudo Federation which were not authorized by KIF and thegroup itself has not been officially recognized as Ukrainian Kudo Federation.

KIF and Daidojuku firmly oppose any war or military conflict, but we do notdiscriminate people on the grounds of belonging to any particular country.

As stated in the message sent out at the KIF General Assembly held distantly inMarch, we believe that general public and athletes should not be criticized orblamed over political issues.

We hope that we can recognize each other as practitioners of Kudo, respecteach other, and move forward.


In the current situation where many precious lives are lost, there might be objections and critique towards idealistic statements but KIF wants to reiterate its following unshakable position on this issue.

・Unfortunately, the complex historical context of Russia and Ukraine relations and the complex confrontational structure within Ukraine society are difficult to understand correctly. However, the war started in the world of politics must not be brought into the world of sports and Budo. KIF will continue to carefully assess the situation without making hasty decisions.

・Any principles and assertions, including religion, should not be the factors in discriminating athletes in the world of sports and Budo. KIF supports the essence of the IOC Code of Ethics, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which state: “respect for human dignity, reject discrimination of any kind on whatever grounds, be it race, colour, sex, sexual orientation, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status”.

・KIF intends to supportvarious activities under the Continental Committees supervision and promote solidarity between Kudo practitioners and development of the Kudo over the world. We also will continue to seek how to support Ukraine in an appropriate way.


Please, take a second look through the article “What Kudo means” published on the KIF official website (Kudo-com/wp /kudo-is/). This is not a direct answer to the problem we are currently facing, but it gives the shape to Kudo attitude, which we should share as the “spirit of Kudo” left behind by the founder Azuma Takashi.


What Kudo Means

One of thepurposes ofmartial arts,especially Budo (Judo, Karate-do, Kendo,Aikido, “Kudo”and so on)is to trainthe mindand bodyto becomestrong andutilize thatstrength for theimprovement of ourcommunity.

*As is well known, the word “do”in Budo means “a way of life”.

Also, it is a usefulmethod of cultivatingthe youth who willcontribute to thesociety through thetough times andevents in their life.

Nowadays, educationfor the youth inthe world is onthe verge of decay.Budois, we can dare to say, a vital “tool” to disciplinethem and a guide even inourselves.

So we have to evadebeing misunderstoodabout the value of“Budo” due to badimpression that mere martial arts apt to givepeople as “violence withoutphilosophy”.

Choosing this philosophicalword “KU” as our motto/idea,we name this Budo, “KUDO”

“ ”( )means threeimportant philosophical concepts.


A view of life/world assomething transient andempty”. In other words,anything that has a shape be crushed or changed in its formsomeday(Therefore it is no good for us to attached orobsessed by things).


All thingsexist only because they dependon each other (Therefore oneshould not be Self-righteousness, or self-conceited). Above mentioned two ideaslead to following third one.


Open mind, impartiality,liberalism” We can gain allthings if we try to do soearnestly, but in order to befree, we should never persistwith them, even day by dayaffaires, separating ourselvesfrom prejudice, bias and so on. This perspective may beexpressed “Open-Mindism(Grand master Azuma’s Original term)”. But It never means the way of“Self-centered”, “egoistical” but “Open mind with generous”,“humble heart in robust belief”. So for those who choose“Kudo” as Budo of our life, should think much of these three words. That is to say, if we meet theany kind of difficulties we must face them positively and never evade without challenge against them in order to gain the ultimate, highest truth.

Kudo / Daidojuku Founder & Grand Master Azuma Takashi

(May 2011 update)

Sincerely yours,

June29, 2022


Head Director of KIF & Chief Shihan of Daidojuku

Kenichi OSADA

Deputy Head Director of KIF &Jukucho of Daidojuku