“Takashi Azuma Memorial Camp” was held in France.  


“Takashi Azuma Memorial Camp” was held in France.

I think that there are still many countries where the Covid-19 infection has not subsided, but I will introduce the camp report and video as an example of hope.

Hideaki Takahashi

Acting Head Director of KIF

On July 3 and 4, 2021, the KUDO France organization paid its respects to our late grandmaster and founder, Takashi Azuma, who abruptly passed away in April this year.

As soon as the pandemic-related restrictions on martial arts and combat sports practice were lifted, we invited all branches in France to a national seminar in the city of Rennes.

Of course, gathering everybody barely 5 days after the restrictions were lifted was a challenge, especially considering the severe impact the pandemic had on branches in France, but it was important to us to hold this seminar, out of respect for our Sensei and the legacy he left behind.

This “memorial camp” started with a moment of silence in Jukucho Azuma’s memory. Following that, we carefully went through the basics of Kudo, which are its signature and identity: kihon, idogeiko, throws, etc., in order to ensure everybody in France had the same, strong basics, ahead of rank examinations to come. A lot of dojos and branches are indeed set to open in France over the next few years, so it is of utmost importance to ensure teachers and practitioners are properly trained in the various components of a Kudo rank examination.

We also dedicated a good amount of time to sparring over these two days, and indeed put on our NHG as often as we could, despite thesummer heat.

This seminar was a great success despite the challenging health and economic context: more than 120 participants over 2 days in such conditions are a great indication of the potential Kudo has to develop and grow strong in France !

A number of Kudokas met for the first time during this seminar, in a friendly and mutually supportive atmosphere.

In Jukucho Azuma’s loving memory, OSU !

Fabrice Cario

3rd dan Daidojuku

KUDO FRANCE National Branch Chief