{Announcement} Notice of the death of Takashi Azuma, Head Director of the NPO Kudo International Federation.


Azuma Takashi, the Head Director of the NPO Kudo International Federation, has been diagnosed with terminal gastric cancer since last summer and has been fighting with the disease, but he passed away at 14:35 on April 3, 2021 (at the age of 72 years old).


We will inform you about future schedule again due to the coronavirus situation.




Azuma Takashi

Born May 22,1949, Kudo Daido-juku 9th Dan

February 1981, Established Daido-juku in Sendai

November 2001, Established NPO Kudo International Federation

November 2001, Held the 1st Hokutoki Kudo World Championships in Tokyo (held once every four years thereafter)

March 2009, Established All Japan Kudo Federation

February 2011, Held the 1st Kudo World Cup in Moscow (held every four years thereafter between World Championships)