Art. 1. The rules set out in this document (“the Code”) aim at establishing the basic principles
of ethics to be adhered to, to maintain and increase the credibility of KIF in the eye of the public.
Art. 2. The Code applies to all members, officials and employees of the KUDO International Federation.
Art. 3. All registered members of the Federation, its officials and employees shall abide by applicable laws and regulations, by the Articles of Association of KIF and its internal rules and regulations, as well as take into consideration society’s expectations in their actions.
Art. 4. Register members of the Federation, its officers and employees shall not engage in the following acts and behaviors. In particular, people in leadership position shall hold themselves to stringent standards and be careful not to find themselves in violations.
1. Physical or moral violence
Regardless of the circumstances, one shall not resort to physical or moral violence (direct violence, insult, intimidation, excessive pressure…)
2. Sexual harassment
One shall not cause discomfort by inappropriate sexual behavior or expressions.
1) One shall strive to recognize that their counterpart may feel discomfort even when a conduct or expression is intended a a way to teach or express familiarity
2) Even in the absence of such intention, a conduct may amount to sexual harassment if their counterpart feels uncomfortable
3) When someone feels they are sexually harassed, they should expressly mention their discomfort to the other party
3. Abuse of leadership position
People in leadership position shall not use that position to act improperly. They should also refrain from intimidation, bullying, discrimination etc. when having power as hierarchical superior, “sempai”, tournament supervisor, etc.
4. Doping and use of prohibited substances
Doping is not only contrary to the spirit of fair play, it is also harmful to the athletes’ heath and should never be tolerated.
1) Even when an athlete has no intention of committing doping, some medicine may contain prohibited substance. Care should therefore be exercised when taking medication.
2) The use of narcotics is not only antisocial but it is also harmful to the mental health and personality of the user. Such used should always be avoided.
5. Inappropriate conduct in the management of tournament or use of facilities.
Any behavior that prevents the smooth running of tournaments or result in damage to facilities should be avoided. At all time, KIF members, officers and employees shall behave in a manner appropriate for representatives of the Federation and KUDO.
6. Inappropriate actions relative to accounting and handing of funds.
Embezzlement, undue profit sharing bribery, fraudulent accounting and related acts are prohibited.
7. Relationships with antisocial forces / criminal organizations.
All relationships with antisocial forces / criminal organizations must resolutely be avoided.
Art. 5. Handling of violations to the above shall be done in accordance with the Articles of Association and with the relevant rules and regulations of the Federation.
Art. 6. The Federation shall establish an internal reporting channel allowing the notification and handling of violations. Such channel shall be established separately.
Art. 7. Changes to the code shall be subject to a resolution of the Board of Directors.